Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out..

Last night sitting at the computer a musical reminder jumped up on the screen. It read: Stella is free in 9 hrs. 29 mins. It wasn't something we didn't already know. Eight weeks this dog has been recovering from knee surgery in my office floor. Eight weeks she's had nothing but me and a cat with no tail to entertain her; poor dog. Short leash, outdoor breaks. No excitement whatsoever. No visitors. We knew.

We also knew that the freedom part of that reminder had shifted significantly since I wrote the thing and that this would now be not the end, but the halfway point. We rallied. Stella went for the x-ray this morning and the new knee looks very good. The pins are in place and the wire hasn't moved or broken... eek (saving that picture for the future) The bone is healed.

Surgery on the other knee is scheduled for next Wednesday (thanks to a group of cyber-friends and family, some of whom I've never met, one of them a "Stella" herself, if you can think of anything nicer than that - I can't) and the prognosis is good. I think Stella knew that today was some kind of milestone. I haven't told her about it being the halfway point, thought I'd give her a week to party and then tell her.

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