Monday, August 17, 2009

Smooth ride

Apparently the girl can smell a fancy big rig from a mile away. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that said big rig is toting around a team of Clydesdales. Somehow we missed the Jack Daniels Invitational Bull Riding Competition this weekend. Too bad. I don't mean to berate Music City or anything but real cowboys in Nashville are pretty rare. We do have an abundance of hat racks though and some of them are pretty good singers but I digress. It bears mentioning that the guy who came in first place was riding a bull named: Booger Butt.. but you all probably knew that right?

Now that we're back to actually walking, the temperature has been a big factor in determining when we go. It's been topping out around ninety degrees here so I try to get us out of the house by seven a.m.
It seems cruel at first but once out the door, I somehow manage to enjoy it and unless I'm mistaken, Stella does too. A flock of Canadian Geese flew in above us this morning. I barely managed to snap a picture of them and suddenly they landed right in front of us. Stella (forgive me) lit up like a Ferris Wheel but thankfully kept her cool and didn't scare them off.
Speaking of Ferris Wheels, we're carnival bound a little later this week. Hopefully the weather will stay tolerable enough that she can get a little sawdust on her feet. We'll let you know how that goes. If I haven't said it lately, thanks for stopping by.

Check out this big rig before you go.

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