Sunday, January 24, 2010


Sometimes we sneak into the ball park. She's a maniac with a strip of undershirt. I'm not sure why but there's always a strip of undershirt there somewhere. I hope the Parks guys don't ever spot us. We know it's wrong but this animal needs to run every day, if possible. If it counts for anything, as penance we pick up all manner of litter on the ball field every time we go. I try to keep Stella off the infield too but occasionally she takes off and runs the bases which is secretly hysterical. Also fascinating, is the fact that I never taught Stella to run the bases. I like to think God did it.

If the Parks guys catch us, that's gonna' be my story anyway.

This is a photo of a woman who's about to get mud all over her blue jeans. Sometimes I bring Stella home and it looks like we've been wrestling alligators.

Speaking of alligators, here are six sentences I posted recently at the 6S Social Network. Some of you regular readers may even recognize the character in that story.

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