Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ego bruises

Stella may have learned a valuable lesson about jumping on people today. After walking a couple of miles we headed for the dog park. Stella started off by introducing herself to a Bull Mastiff (she always goes straight to the biggest dog in the park, woman after my own heart). Things were going great and then she excitedly jumped on the Mastiff's owner. He brushed her off but I saw the curtain fall over the Mastiff's eyes and Stella got nailed, fast and furious, by a dog three times her size. There was some screaming and quite a lot of smack talk after that. The couple with the dog were on their way out so Stella shook it off and despite some minor bleeding from her neck and ear went on to have a pretty good time. Right after this incident I was a little worried about her emotional state and then this beautiful little puppy came galloping over and proceeded to give her a head bath. That was all it took to heal us both.

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