Sunday, September 5, 2010

Packing Heavy

It's funny how dogs behave when they know somethings going on. In Stella's case all I really have to do is pull the crate out of the corner a couple of inches and as far as she's concerned - it's on. She wasn't totally sure she was invited until about seven thirty this morning when I picked up the leash. It seems I read a similar story over at Stumpy's recently. Our trip is much shorter than hers but it does involve swimming - eventually. My neighbor asked the other day when we were coming back. When I hesitated, she wisely turned it into a question: "You are coming back?" I had to give it some thought because you know - it does involve an actual beach. I'm still mulling it over.

Stella and I are on the way to Baltimore, Maryland and Barney's riding shotgun. I'm not sure how often we'll have internet access but I'll try to update periodically. For example, I forgot to specifically request a room with access here at our first stop (Motel 6) so at the moment, we're sitting in the parking lot at Days Inn bootlegging their wi-fi. (note: I just lost this entire post and didn't have enough battery left to rewrite the thing, ack!) Also, if Carny Dog hasn't been updated you might want to try us over at my other blog. Just now, it looks pretty depressing but there's fun in our future because Barney would've wanted it that way.

p.s. In the last couple of days Stella has developed a mean cold (I'm hoping that's what it is anyway). Her fabulous pink nose is stuffy and extremely raw. Last night she barely slept. I've promised her that the salt air will cure it as it cures most things (achy bones, bad attitudes) but if anyone has any miraculous home remedies I'd love to hear it.

p.s.s. Night before last I dreamed I was sitting on a toilet (sorry) and the shower curtain fell down. In the tub there was a full grown male lion. Named Taffy.

Once again, who needs fiction?

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