Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Occasions

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Stella and I are house sitting for my friend Beverly (from the previous post) and when we found this in her dining room yesterday, just in time for the Royal Wedding, I just couldn't pass it up. Now that we've seen Her Majesty the Queen's tiara out in the light of day, it's even better. They almost match. Well except for the rhinestones. And Stella, who's game for just about anything, didn't even blink when I put it on her.

Those rumblings about the Kitten Report (or lack thereof) haven't gone unnoticed. The last couple of weeks have been a wild ride. Now, what with all the chaos of kittens, and a ton of extra work, as of yesterday morning we (of course) decided to up the ante. An e-mail arrived the night before about two kittens that had been abandoned by their mother. She was jumped by a dog in a thunderstorm. The kittens (7-10 days old) were going on two days without eating (which is really bad in the whole kitten scheme of things) so once I made the call the gentleman who rescued them brought them to my house to see what Domino thought. There was pacing and growling and a little bit of confusion, okay, a moderate amount of confusion considering I was asking her to do this all over again, amid flying six-week-old kittens but..

She did it. Thirty hours in and I think we're now a litter of five. Keep your fingers crossed. Pictures soon.

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