Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thunder and Sun

Last night the call came that there was a cage open at PetSmart for the kittens. I thought it was going to be easy, truly I did. I got out the pet carrier and collected the original three kittens. Gypsy, Cowboy & Whiskey Nick. Their paperwork was already filled out and ready to go. I had even printed a nice picture of each of them and put the address of this blog in each envelope, just in case any adopters wanted to see pictures of their formative years. I put the packets on top of the carrier and got my car keys. When I got back into the room Domino was posted outside of the pet carrier, wearing her mom face.

"Say goodbye," I said turning to leave the room one last time "and no crying."

I didn't feel awful until we were actually on the road. At one point I turned to look at them in the carrier and all three of them were gazing back at me. When our eyes met, they all meowed in unison. That pretty much did it.

They went into the big cage at PetSmart without hesitation. The only one of the three that appeared frightened was Cowboy although I suspect he's bounced back by now, I hated every single minute of it. They all watched me walk away. When I arrived home with the empty carrier, Domino was still checking every room, calling out to them. She tried again around five this morning. The two little orphans are still here so they came running but of course, they weren't who she was looking for.

Now, after a long quiet day, she's taken to the pet carrier. This feline foster mom thing is brutal.

So two things: if you live in Nashville and are thinking of bringing a new kitty in your life, go to Cool Springs Petsmart, or actually check the Nashville Cat Rescue page for a whole host of choices I won't force my kittens on you but that's where they are, Cool Springs. Petsmart. Second, Tomorrow is Stella's third birthday. We may have to go over to the Cool Springs Petsmart ;-) and get her a present. I can't wait to tell you all about her new friend Dolly.

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