Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hot Dogs and Carny Dogs

So the Wienermobile is following us on Twitter. Is that great or what? I can't wait to see that thing on the street. I hope Stella's in the car when it happens. I'd like to get a picture of her with her head hanging out the window of it. Wonder what their policy is on that - live dogs in the Wienermobile..I didn't know it but they've been on the road since 1936 and we're sorry to report that Mr. Oscar Mayer (the grandson) died Monday, at the age of 95. [story] I hadn't any idea this had happened until I started looking for the link.

Stella is getting noticeably rambunctious despite the fact that I've taken her along with me several times to run errands. She can't go if I have to be out of the car for very long because of the heat but I think it helps break up her day, just getting out. She's been favoring both legs equally for the first time in four months though. Amen. Last week we tried swimming in a friends pool. I wish I had some pictures of that except it was pretty much a disaster. Her desire to get out of the pool overtook her both times I was able to get her in. We'll definitely try it again but I think the lake might be a better way to start (still trying to locate a place where she can just walk in or out at her own pace. We were in the pool together twice for about twelve seconds and I came out looking like I was in a fight with a weed eater. Smooth.

This is Lilly & Buttercup, two lovable little carny dogs I met in Nashville a couple of months ago. At the moment I think they are living large at the Calgary Stampede. I wonder if they have the Tornado Potato up there yet...

Our correspondent in Calgary has replied this afternoon with a photo and is happy to report that they do in fact, have the Tornado Potato but there it's called the Whacky Potato (sp?)!!! Thanks guys!

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