Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Charm School

Last Thursday Stella and I took neighbor Judy to see the doctor. Ordinarily we walk the fitness trail around the hospital while we're there but that day I decided we'd walk down the street to the bank instead. We're regulars in the drive through at my bank but we had never walked into the building together before that day. I knew there was a dog loving man in there; I sent a post card with Stella's picture on it to him before Christmas. He always sends out a dog treat in the tube with my receipt.

We approached the door to the bank and since I wasn't altogether sure that we'd be welcome I tried to make eye contact with someone early on. As I opened the first door I saw a lady inside and hesitating slightly, I pointed to Stella and then inside. Her eyes got big for a second but she didn't flinch or look horrified so we kept moving. When I opened the second door to the inside lobby people started standing up at their desks. They looked pleasantly surprised to see a dog but I was still kind of worried. I had a vision that we were about to be confronted and asked to leave in front of a crowd of people, several of whom were now standing in the lobby with us.

We took about four more steps and I heard this voice behind the counter say:

"Is that Stella?"

I couldn't believe my ears.

Another voice answered: "It is Stella."

"She's our drive-through customer."

Stella and I looked at each other, her tail wagging on that slow beat that says she's on her best behavior and I said "Stella — I think we're in."

Five minutes later, after a little treat and a big lovefest, she walked out with an invitation to come back anytime.

Apparently, her Christmas picture spent some time hanging in the drive through window.

Good girl.

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