Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowman Patrol

It's been exactly a week ago that four inches of snow fell on Nashville. We don't generally see a lot of snow and when we do it isn't usually enough to make a snowman although that doesn't discourage anyone from trying. Stella never saw one until last Saturday. By then the snow had frozen but on Friday night around ten p.m. she and I went out walking under the full moon. The full 'Wolf' moon no less. I tried to get her to howl but she wouldn't do it. It was wonderful fun. There was no threat of traffic; it was totally quiet. We ran up and down the backyard and slid down the street. We broke a weld on the buckle of her harness and didn't even notice it for two days.

When the surface froze on Saturday walking was more of a chore but that didn't stop Stella's efforts to run all those rogue snowmen out of town.

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