Monday, May 17, 2010

Road dogs

It's been a while since we met any new carny dogs. Stella and I have been hanging around with the North American Midway Entertainment folks this last week though and they're awfully good to their dogs over there. Some of you may remember Dolly from last year. She's doing great and has grown into a beautiful and totally lovable (OMG) dog. It's safe to say that when she found Kathryn & Rod, it was the luckiest day of her life and despite the fact that she occasionally snacks on their furniture, she's a keeper.

Dolly isn't the only canine we ran into. There was Polly and Blue, Yoshi and a rumored ten Poodles which (unfortunately) I wasn't able to verify with pictures. Stella and I did walk by their motor home early on though at which point they tried to tear the blinds off the windows. Stella just stood there looking dumbfounded. It was like somebody turned on a tornado inside that big bus.

Not to be outdone, I should mention that we met some carny cats while we were there too. Casey, Birdie, & Ruthless. All of these creatures and their humans are currently on the way to a fair in St. Louis but I'll post a few of their pictures here in the next couple of days. People who don't live on the road often assume that carny dogs and cats have it rough. Some do of course, but most of the time that isn't the case. Most of the time they're above average, well-loved and well adjusted, social butterflies with a lifestyle and privileges that suburban dogs could never know or understand. Oh, and they do have rather idyllic access to french fries and other canine culinary delights.

As for the photos, until today I had no idea there was a population of seemingly intelligent people with good paying jobs no less, who spend time thinking about why Goofy leads a relatively human existence while Pluto is forever relegated to being a dawg (link). Understand the same could be said of yours truly for reading it. There's no clear answer to this question of course but I if you look around on the midway next time you're there, you'll find both characters kicking it down in Kiddieland. Disneyland is sweet and all but Pluto and Goofy - they're carny dogs at heart.

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