Thursday, May 13, 2010

Snacks & Kisses

She barks in her sleep.
Likes to eat that grass pâté the yard guy leaves behind.
After a particularly good walk I bought her a rubber duck (like the ones they have at the carnival).

She chewed its head off.
Took three minutes.

A couple of weeks ago a little girl we'd never met, four years old, grabbed her by her muzzle with both hands and planted a big ol' kiss right on her mouth.

Me and the woman with the child nearly fainted on that one.

We went to a craft fair last weekend.
It was very crowded with people and dogs.
There was a couple walking behind us and the man started talking
about how he didn't trust "those" dogs.
They were "violent" he said, and "dangerous".

He rambled on as if I couldn't hear him.

We pulled over to the side long enough to let them step ahead of us
and spent the next few minutes tailgating them.

Just for fun I gave Stella the same speech about middle-aged men in khaki pants.

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