Monday, January 23, 2012

Nothing much new

There isn't too much new to talk about here. Things have been pretty quiet. I think Stella still misses Diesel (or maybe I'm just thinking of me haha separation anxiety(?). We went over to new friend Chuy's house to spend the day yesterday. Chuy's make and model are unknown but he's a puppy and he leans toward the herding, I have more energy than most dogs on the planet - variety. Stella is mostly annoyed by him but she's working on it. One day we were over there (oh yeah) to get our picture made for Coffee and a Canine. Chuy was doing exactly the same thing to Stella that she used to do to the dogs in the dog park at that age. Basically you go up to the biggest dog you can find and punch it in the side repeatedly with your nose until it chases you. Chuy did this to Stella that day a dozen times and each time, Stella told him to back off. The final time he did it, Stella taught Chuy the same lesson the horse taught Diesel. There was no real contact but he thought there was. Hysteria ensued.

Here's a shot of him in a little behind the scenes action from that day taken by my friend Beverly. We were trying to situate the dogs and he took it upon himself to drink the coffee (bad dog!). I was only pretending to drink it in the picture. Once we finished - I forgot (of course) and drank out of the cup right behind him.  blech.

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