Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mill Creek Greenway

I guess this would qualify as a favorite walk despite the fact that Stella once found a snake there and the only reason it didn't bite her was because I was standing on it's tail. No small drama there. I liked it better before the flood (you can't see the trash in the trees in this photo but trust me, it's all over the place) it's still a nice view though and a big creek to be where it is.  Stella likes it because it ends at the soccer fields and she gets to run (mostly) free when we get there. I think her canvas frisbee is still out there somewhere.

We got a nice report on Diesel the other day, think I'll just post it in it's entirety. Also, we finally got new neighbors in Diesel's old house. They have two dogs, one of whom is named Cactus. That's almost as good as Bacon, the white Lab who lives down the street.

Friend Beverly sent us a video about tagging bears in Canada. It has nothing to do with dogs but it's hilarious. Check it out here.

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