Friday, June 26, 2009


Today was take your dog to work day. It's really too bad I only had "house" work to do instead of say.. a load of head shots of bankers or a parade to shoot, something, of course, Stella is still pretty much housebound so she couldn't have gone very far anyway. I think I mentioned that we went to Office Max this week. That was a big thrill for her. I can't say it's ever been that exciting for me but whatever works, I suppose. She had a great time the entire six minutes we stayed and visibly tried to restrain herself from getting too excited. Mostly, I took her along so she'd know that her oh-so-active social life hadn't collapsed entirely. July 28 is now the target date for her release. Personally, I'm dying to take her swimming but resolute about following her doctors orders. Okay except we did walk to the corner today instead of just staying in the yard. My poor front yard looks like a urine-stained, mole-infested mine field - but I digress.

Her leg seems to be healing beautifully and what's more I think she turned a little corner in the behavior department this week. Not sure if I can describe it although the dog lovers will understand perfectly, it's like our understanding of each other has raised to a new level. It isn't huge but certainly noticeable and welcome. She still sasses me like a teenager when I tell her to do stuff but at least I know she's engaged. Does your dog/or cat ever sass you?

This photo (she was giving me lip even then) was taken back in December on Mill Creek at one of Nashville's many outstanding greenways.

Hey one more (totally cool) thing that happened this week, in case anyone missed it in the feed was that Michael Winslow followed us on Twitter. Well, he followed Stella. She's got more followers than I ever will. You can find him at this address.

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