Friday, June 5, 2009

Post Op

We stopped at the bank on the way home from the hospital. Stella always gets a treat from the nice man in the drive through window. She sat in the back seat, looking hopeful at the camera where he greets us, a canine satellite dish, twenty-five inches wide on her head. He must have felt sorry for her because when the tube arrived with my receipt, there were two treats in it this time. I turned to give her one and she was drooling a river into that thing. Stoned, but not so much that she didn't know where we were. When we got into the house, she kissed the cat and went to bed. So far, so good.

Note: Blog friend Beth Westmark (who has already donated twice to Stella's Patellas) is willing to match the next thirty dollar donation that comes in. Woo hoo!! Thanks Beth and thanks also to Princess' mom who gave us a shout on her blog a couple of days ago. Princess was cool dog pic of the day on Twitter yesterday. She and Stella would be fast friends, I can can tell.

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