Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Drop-Off Information (revised)

What to do before surgery...

Please make sure that your pet does not eat anything after midnight the night before you bring him or her in for surgery....You may bring a small blanket, one small pillow, or one toy to give to your pet while in the hospital. Please mark each item carefully before you come into the office. You may use a piece of masking tape to identify each item...When you drop off your pet for a procedure, the receptionist who admits your pet will be the only one you see at the time of drop off. You will not see the doctor at that time no matter how much you beg or manipulate our vet techs. No crying. We do not supply Xanax to pet owners (again) no matter how much you beg. Try to control yourself without the use of alcohol or drugs.

Our office will call you after your pet's surgery. Do not call us and beg. You cannot see your pet, pet your pet or speak to your pet over the phone. All clients are required to pay a deposit of 80% of the total estimated cost of treatment with the remaining balance to be paid upon discharge. We take all major credit cards. We do not accept young children, used books, remodeling services or chickens as payment, no matter how much you beg.

I've told Stella she's going to get her nails done in the morning but I think she might be on to me. Could be it's the Elizabethan collar we saved from last time, perched on the table by the door.

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