Monday, March 22, 2010

Aqua Girl

(Ed. note: Stella doesn't normally look this persecuted in the bathtub, I think she was a little suspicious of the fact that suddenly a tripod appeared on the bathroom sink. Her humor improved dramatically once the water started flowing.)

Thanks to some of our regular readers, Stella (and I) won some prizes back in February from a company called Kokos Pet Spa. I was pretty excited when the box landed on our front porch and even more so once the contents of the box were spread all over the kitchen. Stella wasn't impressed at all until I pulled out the stuffed boomerang. She gets visibly wound up whenever I get it out now, six weeks later. Her third place win scored us a fifty dollar donation to the animal rescue of our choice. We sent the check to the Cheatham County Animal Awareness Foundation. They're located right across the road from where I used to live in Pegram, Tennessee and I know for a fact, they need as much help as they can get out there.

Koko's also sent us some treats and one of their Pet Vitamin Showers which filters out the chlorine and enriches the water with vitamin C. I can't say enough good things about this apparatus. We live in a city where the water coming out of the tap smells just like bleach. In the past when I've given Stella showers, her skin is flaky in the days following. It goes away pretty quickly but still... She's had two encounters with the Pet Vitamin Shower since it arrived and the flakiness was reduced to zero. In fact, her skin is soft and smooth and (for those aware of how we approach showers here at our house) for that matter, mine is too.

Finally, the list of prizes included a bath towel (ahem). I had no expectations about this offer other than to think it would be something practical to dry off the dog. Turns out it was about seven-and-a-half square feet of plush, hooded, thirsty entertainment. A couple of minutes with this thing and I'll just be honest, I didn't care if the dog got dry or not. Thanks again. We'll think of you all whenever we're out running through the mud, which seems to be a habit.

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