Monday, March 29, 2010

City Dogs

A lady stopped us on the street the other day and asked if Stella and I lived in the city. She said she'd seen a lot of dogs out walking on city streets as if Nashville were a pretty dog friendly place to live. I told her that although we technically live in the suburbs (kinda) we liked to go to busier areas of town for practice walking. I'm not sure if she was a dog trainer or just a dog lover but she seemed to approve.

Some of you may have noticed in the Twitter feed that Stella's great benefactor and friend Barney, passed away on Friday. This was sad news and we spent the weekend packing up his things. This summer we plan to have a road trip to his carry his ashes back to his hometown of Baltimore and of course (since Stella's involved) you all are invited to follow along. As many of you know, without Barney's encouragement and support, Stella would possibly be living a different sort of life right now. I don't know how dogs feel when a person, owner or friend goes missing but I'm happy to know that she was able to comfort him in his last days with us.

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