Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First day of spring

When Stella went to puppy school she had an autograph book. It was basically to encourage us owners to socialize the dogs. We carried it with us and asked people to pet the dog and sign the book. The dog who got the most autographs, won a tug toy. Stella had seventy-two autographs and a tug toy in her mouth when the book finally fell apart. Now you might say, wow that chick has a lot of time on her hands and in fact, you'd be right but the good thing is that since I work for myself, it gives me lots of opportunities to take her along. I say all that to say this: I've decided to make her another autograph book - only with pictures, which brings us to Walter.

Walter is another one of Stella's regulars. I've known him for about thirteen years and written about him some on my other blog but in a nutshell, he was driving down a country road one night and a skunk changed his life forever. It took years for him to be able to walk again and only then with a stick. For a long time he was able to live alone but people tended to take advantage of his generosity and last year he finally moved into a group home where he mostly studies the Bible and writes poetry. On Friday (the first day of spring) I picked him up and the three of us went over to Shelby Park for a couple of hours. We sat next to the river and got to see the General Jackson drive by which was fun. Stella looked at it like it was the Kraken at first, but she got over it.

By the way, if for some reason she doesn't pass her CGC test and/or the test to become a legitimate therapy dog, we plan to strike out on our own (could you tell?) Thanks for stopping by. Happy spring.

Here's a video of Coney Island troubadour, Amos Wengler singing "Hot Dog Time" at Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest, July 4, 2009 (Chestnut & Kobayashi were the contenders. Chestnut won).

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