Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Catnip Junkie

Stella has a friend, a cat I call Domino. Domino has been squatting at our house for the last few weeks. Her owner apparently decided she was going to be an "outside" cat from now on and Domino had a different idea. The only problem with this arrangement and it really isn't that much of a problem, is that Domino is a catnip junkie. She's laid claim to a sock filled with catnip and she carries it around the house with her and stays high most of the time. She places it lovingly on the floor and then proceeds to roll around on it like cats do, presumably coating her fur with it's magnificent, opiate perfume. The funny thing is, she's got Stella doing it too. Now, obviously it doesn't have the same effect on Stella and I'd venture a guess that Stella wonders if she isn't missing something. Occasionally I'll walk into a room and Stella will have carried off the sock herself and is now lying with it between her feet studying it. She'll look at it for a long time and then bite it. just once, and study it some more. So far, nothing. Good thing too. I'd hate to have to send them both to rehab.

*Note: Anyone who managed to make it through that last post deserves a calendar ;-)

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