Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ramblin' man

Well my father was a pitbull down in Tampa
He wound up on the wrong end of a gun
And I was born in the back seat of a Greyhound bus
Rollin' down highway 41      The Allman Brothers Band (kinda')
I had occasion to sift through a ton of carnival pictures the other day and happily ran across a picture of Stella's daddy (above) along with her little brother (below, left). When these pictures were taken you understand, I didn't realize that I'd leave there with a dog or I might've made some effort to snag some family photos before we headed out. You know, posterity and all. I don't know his name or anything but I'm reasonably sure that it's him seeing as he was described to me by his owner Julian (the gentleman in the green shirt), also seen below holding the puppy that looks like a mini-version of the dog above.

I was moved to dig into the carnival pictures after (somewhat impulsively) deciding to make a Carny Dog calendar. It was loads of fun to make and it's filled with shots of some of the coolest dogs on America's midways. It should arrive sometime this week and I ordered an extra one to give away to some one of our regular readers which will no doubt be more fun than actually making the thing :) Stay tuned.

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