Sunday, January 9, 2011


Here's a link to the coat(s) for those of you who may be interested. They're simple to order, fit beautifully and arrive within minutes (it seems).

Dog story of the day involves the Chuckit! ball launcher wherein we're on the baseball field (featured a couple of posts back) and Stella is fetching her brains out. She comes tearing back to me drops the ball, snatches the BAll LAUNCHER out of my hand and takes off. By the time she got back around to me I was laughing so hard she started high-stepping with it like some canine majorette. I didn't get a picture this time but they have a monthly photo contest over there. Not positive but I think we can win it.

I have to mention a couple of good blogs here that I've been (unsuccessfully) trying to comment on for weeks now. I've contacted a number of people but there are two that I haven't been able to reach and I'm hoping they'll check-in via the e-mail address in my profile. One is Janet at My Semi-Charmed Life and the other is Carey at One Laguna Life. I'm not typically a very prolific commenter but cut me off and I'll come up with all sorts of things to say. One of these women is looking for some new inspirational blogs to check out. My number one pick would have to be Switched at Birth. For more, I'd just set about pilfering her link list if it were me, not that I've ever done that...enjoy.

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