Monday, August 23, 2010

Litter Patrol

I've been fantasizing about teaching Stella to do smash and grabs on the neighbor's grills around seven in the evenings. I'm thinking she could just tear off into the yard, grab the short ribs, and be back at my side trotting along - like nothing happened. We might have to work on the "drop it" part of that routine.

I don't have anything to write about - busy cleaning up and litter training kitties. Stella and the mama cat hung out in the same room today for a little while. Gigi is boycotting the entire house. She stayed out two nights in a row. Bad cat.

Here's a video I shot with a camera purchased at Big Lots. There are some dead spots in it and the music ends abruptly but otherwise it has a pretty high cute factor.

I mentioned in the last post that I was planning a trip to Baltimore. It's more than that really.

Some of you may remember my/our old friend Barney. A cheerleader and patron, Barney was one of Stella's biggest fans (mine too). Hopefully this won't horrify anyone (beyond my mother) but when he died this last March, I had him cremated and he's now spent an entire summer as the centerpiece on my tiny seldom-used kitchen table. Not a terribly exciting place to be, granted; but then Barney needed somewhere to take a little break. He hasn't had a drink now for going on five months.

So here's the good part. Stella and I are driving Barney home to Baltimore in a couple of weeks. I expect it'll be mostly a grand adventure. Our itinerary is already looking pretty sweet and barring some technological catastrophe, you all are welcome to come along with us. I'll fill you in on the details as the time gets closer. Meanwhile, there's a nice woman at the Nashville Cat Rescue who is actively trying to find us a foster home for the cats until our return, whereupon I will officially become a foster mom myself. Actually thinking about it now, I should have a PhD in that by now. Not exactly what I had hoped for but the safest way I can think of to save an entire family of felines from the needle. Have a great Tuesday. Meow.

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