Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tomato Sandwich

Ordinarily I might have tossed out this goof ball picture but I was reminded in that instant when the shutter clicked, of how well-adjusted a dog can be, given the right amount of exercise, which these days is not so much what with the 110 degree heat index, or whatever it is. I don't check it anymore. I'm not complaining (since some of you are bearing up under considerably more) but I will be giddy happy when things begin to cool off. Typically, that's the first week after Labor Day. Typically.

This public art piece also serves as a bicycle rack. It's made of metal and although you can't tell it in the photo - there's a three-year-old kid beating on the other side of it (on Stella's left) with his fists. It sounded like an adult beating on an aluminum trash can. He and his mother came out of nowhere and I still can't believe Stella didn't jump out of her skin when he started. Mom could plainly see that I wasn't holding onto Stella's leash at ALL, but she seemed to think the whole thing was really entertaining. He did three or four different rounds of it, Stella blinked and flinched a few times but never moved. Finally when mom didn't make him stop. I picked up her leash and we moved on. That was the same day we met Ernest (on litter patrol in the park) so it was all good.

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