Monday, March 14, 2011

Bunny Eater

We got to the ball park and there were kids hitting softballs on the field. I put Stella on the long leash thinking we'd play some fetch outside the fence and she immediately glued her nose to a telephone pole. Eventually, I got bored and walked away still holding onto the handle of the leash. Once Stella realizes she's free to run, that first move is always a joyous one. It reminds me of a little gazelle leaping off the ground. She finally made that move and took off across the way but pulled up short after about thirty feet, her nose fully engaged again. That's when I saw the blood.

A hawk must have dropped it. Young hawks in training need practice. They get distracted, interrupted, they fly away, and drop their kill. The rabbit lay quietly in the grass, recently separated from it's internal organs. In the blink of an eye, Stella chose the carcass. I wasn't positive that it was a rabbit until she turned around and looked at me with those little back feet sticking out of her mouth. She saw my face and tried to run. I stepped on the leash at which point she tried swallowing the entire thing. Thankfully it was too big or we would've gotten to revisit the entire event a little while later. I took a deep breath and relaxed. Realizing I was going to let her keep the prize, Stella did too. Then there was a lot of crunching while I lectured her about how the Easter Bunny wasn't coming to our house this year or maybe ever again and it was probably going to be all her fault. I feel reasonably sure she didn't care.

Kitten Watch: still no kittens (Domino didn't eat today - which is supposedly a sign of approaching labor but we're not holding our breath)

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