Friday, March 11, 2011

Staff Meeting

I took Stella to a staff meeting earlier this week. Despite the fact that she hadn't had a long walk that morning, she laid down under the big conference table at the meeting and a couple of people who came in late, never even knew she was there. As the meeting ended Stella must have felt the energy in the room change because she stood up and stretched under the table and put her head in my lap for a few seconds. Then, getting a whiff of lemon squares probably, that pink(ish) nose poked up above the edge of the table and one of the late comers squealed: "Oh my God, there's a dog in here?"

Then the meeting was officially over and everyone had a little dog therapy to go with their coffee.

Kitten Report: No kitties yet.

(I can feel them moving now when mom is asleep but otherwise there is no sign of their impending arrival - stay tuned & have a great weekend)

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