Wednesday, March 2, 2011


For some reason I still wasn't convinced that Domino was pregnant. I think it was the water drinking. It makes perfect sense though, cats are only pregnant for sixty four days. That's a profound hike in metabolism. I had no idea how many days it had been (or has been) but I decided to clear out a closet to give her some privacy. I put a box of soft towels in there with some food and water and left the door cracked. She was doing a lot of pacing through the house and checked it out a few times over the next couple of days but it didn't pass inspection. She wanted in the guest bedroom. I resisted. She sat outside the door for the better part of a whole day and I finally gave in. The only comfortable chair in the house is in there and guessing that's exactly where she wanted to be, I covered it neatly with sheets and towels. Again, I left the door cracked so Stella wouldn't venture in (she could drag a Volkswagen down the street but doesn't realize she can push a door open). Domino however, went right in.

Just a few minutes later I returned to find what could only be described as a work of natural art. It amazed me and erased all doubt. She had pulled both a towel and a sheet down from the back of the chair and formed them into a nest for the kittens. If someone had drawn me a diagram I'm not altogether sure I could have done it myself and certainly not in such a short period of time.

That happened Sunday morning. Since then, the size of her belly seems to have doubled. I can see the forms of at least two kittens although they don't seem to be moving. She already has milk in at least two of her teats. She's been asleep in my bed for most of the last forty-eight hours only getting up to eat, use the litter box or sit for a few minutes in her new bedroom. She's also been pacing through the house apparently looking for something (kittens, enemies, hiding places?) I said yesterday that she could deliver sometime in the next forty-eight hours. The fact is I have no idea what I'm talking about. If you go online and look up all the feline signs of impending labor, she's had them all at some point since about Saturday, with the exception of panting or yowling. When either of those things happens, me and Stella are going to make a pot of coffee and stand back.

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