Friday, March 18, 2011

Fresh Kittens

It took about six hours in all, which is pretty standard, and of course it didn't start around lunch time. It was about eleven o'clock last night.

As I said in last night's post, Domino went into the kitten box (in my office closet) and our girl Stella took to her crate, all on her own. She [Stella] stayed there until about two-thirty and then went and got into her bed. When she came into the office this morning, her nose went straight up to the ceiling and she followed it right to the closet door whereupon I took on the role of midwife/mama cat and said something to the effect of: "Git." And she did.

I'm glad it was Domino and not me. She had full on labor for about two and a half hours (I really think two of them, the black one and the one that looks just like her) were fighting to get out at once. Finally, the black kitten was expelled and she jumped out of the box, leaving it lying on the bottom of the box, helpless and alone. I think that may have been the only moment where my attention may have actually helped in some small way. I immediately put her back in the box and she looked at me stunned for a second like "Holy crap, what is that thing?" Then she understood. The other two went pretty fast relatively speaking. Her belly is still pretty big so I wouldn't rule out the possibility of another but for now, there are three kittens, one tired mama, and one moderately confused pit bull.

Note: Not sure if I've mentioned it lately but we here at Carny Dog advocate the regular spay and neuter of all pets. Rest assured that Domino and her new family will adhere to that policy as well, from this point forward.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Meow :)

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